Parallel Binders v2

2 min readSep 2, 2022

After launching our Parallel Binders we were blown away by the reception. There were over 250 ETH worth of cards cached through our binders and a ton of amazing feedback from users. After talking with the Parallel team and some power users, we are excited to launch a v2 with quality of life improvements, more rewards to choke cards, and more efficient caching logic.

Quality of Life Improvements: You can now cache multiple cards and withdraw multiple cards at the same time.

Rewards to Choke Cards: You all spoke up and we heard you. Choke cards are the most important part of any Paraset and our v2 treats them as such. You can see a full breakdown of all card rewards here. Alongside this increase in rewards for choke cards we are lowering the platform fee by 25% to 7.5%.

Caching Logic: This one isn’t as sexy but it will cost less in gas to deposit cards and withdraw cards than it used to.

What Happens to v1 Binders?

Any cached v1 binders will stay cached. Since we reduced the fees in v2 we will make sure to honor those reductions in already cached binders. All uncached binders will be able to withdraw their cards at any time and migrate to the new set of contracts.

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